Making Appointment:
  • Can I meet …?
  • Let’s meet ….?
  • How about tomorrow afternoon?
Accepting an appointment:
  • I’ll be there at that time.
  • Sure. I’ll come.
  • It’ll be a nice meeting for me.

Canceling/rejecting an appointment:

  • I’m sorry. I can’t come.
  • I don’t think I can make it.
  • Sorry. I think I have another appointment at that time.
Dialog Examples:
Dialog 1
Lusi       : Hello, Family Dental. This is Lusi speaking. What can I help for you?
Ayu        : Hello, Lusi. I’d like to go to the dentist.
Lusi       : Yes, that’s no problem. Would you like to make an appointment?
Ayu       : Yes, please.
Lusi      : Is Friday OK for you? At 5 o’clock?
Ayu      : Yes, OK.
Lusi     : What’s your name?
Ayu      : Ayu Praharsiwi.
Lusi     : Ayu Praharsiwi. OK, Ayu, we’ll see you on Friday.
Ayu      : OK. Thank you. Bye bye
Dialog 2
Mrs. Ary looks for information about cancer in a clinic. Then, she comes to the clinic in the afternoon.
Mrs. Ary          : Good Afternoon, mam. Would you like to help me?
Receptionist  : Good Afternoon. Sure, what can I do for you?
Mrs. Ary      : I need more information about cancer. Who can I meet to explain  about that disease?
Receptionist : You can meet Dr. Handy to get further information  about cancer. However, you have to make an  appointment first to meet him.
Mrs. Ary          : Can I meet him tomorrow afternoon?
Receptionist  : Please, discuss the meeting through phone call. You can  contact this number 0586511231.
Mrs. Ary           : OK, thanks.
Suddenly, Mr. Ary call Dr. Handy using her cell-phone.
Mrs. Ary       : Hello. This is Ary speaking. Can I talk to Dr. Handy?
Dr. Handy   : Hello.Yes, This is Handy. Do you have any problems?
Mrs. Ary      : I need more information about cancer. Would you like to meet me at your office tomorrow afternoon at 02.00 p.m.?
Dr. Andy     : How about 02.30 p.m.? I have many patients tomorrow.
Mrs. Ary      : that’s fine. I’ll be there at that time. Thanks.
Dr. Handy  : You’re welcome.

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