• Offer means to give something physical or abstract to someone which can be taken as a gift or a trade.
  • Offer can be in terms of food, money, solutions, friendship or a bargain
  • Offer means to give help. It can be taken or refused.


Offering things in English is important for every time we want to be polite, host people at your home or work, etc. We can use the phrases below which is about how to accept offers graciously if we want to treat our guests generously

Here are some of the most important phrases used to offer something :

  • Can I get you some…?
  • Would you like some..?
  • May I offer you some…?
  • Would you like me to get you some..?


  • How about some?
  • What about some?
  • What do you say about some?
  • Are you up for some?

Contoh Dialog:

 Formal Dialogue

Person 1: Can I get you something to drink?
Person 2: Yes, that would be nice, Thank you
Person 1: May I offer you some tea?
Person 2: Thank you.


 Informal Dialogue
Person 1: Are you up for some dinner?
Person 2: Hey, thanks. What’s on the menu?
Person 1: What about something to drink?
Person 2: Sure, do you have any coffee?


Accepting offers is as important as we offer something. We have to make sure to thank our host to show our politeness. The following phrases are commonly used when accepting an offer:

  • Thank you.
  • Yes, please.
  • I’d like it very much.
  • Thank you, I would.
  • That would be very nice.


Contoh Dialog:

Person 1: May I get you some to drink?
Person 2: Yes, I’d love to get some tea.
Person 1: Would you like me to get you some food?
Person 2: That would be nice. Thank you. 3. REFUSING OFFER

If we don’t want to accept an offer, be sure to politely refuse. Offering an excuse is also a good idea in order not to offend your kind host.

Politely refusing offers:

  • No, thanks.
  • No, I really won’t, thank you.
  • Not for me thanks.
  • No, thanks. I’m not hungry.
  • Thank you, but I’m on a diet.
  • That’s very kind. Unfortunately, I’d like to, but…
Contoh Dialog:
 Person 1: Would you like some cookies?
Person 2: Thank you, but I’m on a diet.
Person 1: How about a cup of tea?
Person 2: I’d like to have a cup of tea.
Unfortunately, I’m late for a meeting.

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