Showing Care/ Sympathy

Sympathy is feeling for someone without specifically understanding what they’re feeling.There are some expressions to show our sympathy to other people. Some of the examples are shown below.

  • Oh, I am sorry to hear that
  • That’s  too bad
  • What a pity of you !
  • Be patient, it would be better soon
  • I take my sympathy to you
  • I sympathize with your condition
  • I know how is your feeling
  • It would be OK soon.
There are also some responses to accept sympathy from other people. Here the examples.
  • Thank you very much
  • It’s very kind of you
  • I hope so
  • That’s a pity, isn’t it?
  •  Thanks for your sympathy
  • Thanks for your support
  • I would be OK, thank you very much for your support

The use of the expression should determine the context of situation. it will be different expression used in different context of situation. These expressions below show  sequence of the formality, from the most formal to less formal situation

Dialog Example:

Rina : Hi, Doni. What’s up? You look so sad.
Doni : Yea, my grandpa died last night.
Rina : Really? I’m sorry to hear that.
Doni : Thanks.
Rina : If I’m not mistaken, he is in Bandung, right?
Doni : Yes. We haven’t visited him yet.
Rina : Does your family plan to go to Bandung?
Doni : Yes. Tonight. We are going to leave for Bandung.
Rina : Oh, I hope your family will be fine.
Doni : Thanks a lot, Rina.
Hilal    : Hi, Najmi. This is Hilal. Do you still remember me?
Najmi  : Oh, Hilal. How are you?
Hilal    : Fine, thank you. And how have you been?
Najmi  : I feel great. Why are you here?
Hilal    : Well, I want to visit my nephew. Listen, Najmi. I would like to apologize for not being able to present at your wedding party.
Najmi : That’s all right. But you missed meeting our old friends.
Hilal   :  I know. Well, actually I was on our way to your party when suddenly a car hit me.
Najmi : Oh, dear. That’s awful. Are you OK?
Hilal   : I was fine. But I had to my car.
Najmi : I am so glad you are safe from the accident. Why don’t you come to my hose then?

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