Compliment is an expression that we show or say to express/give praise. Compliments express approval and are aimed at showing that you like some aspect of the other person’s appearance, belonging or work. It is also to appreciate other people, but overuse of compliments might seem insincere. for example:

  • on his/her general appearance
  • if you notice something new about the person’s appearance
  • when you visit someone’s house for the first time
  • when other people do their best

Expressions of Compliment

  • What a nice dress!
  • You look great.
  • You look very nice/beautiful/handsome.
  • I really must express my admiration for your dance.
  • Good grades!
  • Excellent!
  • Nice work!
  • Terrific.
  • I would like compliment you on …
  • I think your (hair) is very nice.
  • I just love your (dress).
  • The (chicken) is very delicious.
  • I really like your (skirt).
  • This (cheese) is super.
  • That’s neat.
  • That’s nice.
  • That’s not bad.
  • Pretty good.

The responses:

  • Thank you.
  • Really ?
  • I will.
  • Thanks a lot.
  • Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.
  • Thank you but really isn’t anything special.
  • Thank you. Yours is even nicer.
  • I’m glad you like it.

Dialog Examples:

Text 1

Nabila  : Hi, Sari! How are things?
Sari    : Fine, and you?
Nabila  : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend at the beach?
Sari    : Terrific! We had a lovely time there. You should go there.
Nabila  : Really? Hey, what a beautiful blouse you are wearing, it matches your skirt.
Sari    : Thanks. My mother gave it to me on my birthday.
Nabila  : Wow! That’s wonderful. Oh, Sari, I almost forget. Can I ask you something?
Sari    : Oh, sure. What’s up?
Nabila  : Have you finished typing the annual report we made last week?
Sari    : Yes, mean this?
Nabila  : Yeah, Hmmm, I think this report is excellent. Thanks a lot Sari. You did a great job. Now I have to give it to the director immediately.
Sari    : OK. You’d better hurry. He may be waiting for it.
Nabila : Well, he probably is. Thanks again, Sari. Have a nice day!




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