English Expressions

The Useful Expressions in English

A. Expressions-I (Senior High School Grade X)

  1. Self Introduction
  2. Expressing Compliment
  3. Showing Care/ Sympathy
  4. Expressing Intention
  5. Congratulating

B. Expressions-II (Senior High School Grade XI)

  1. Asking & Giving Suggestion
  2. Offering, Acceppting & Refusing Offer
  3. Asking & Giving Opinion
  4. Expressing Agreement & Disagreement
  5. Expressing Hopes & Dreams

C. Expressions-III (Senior High School Grade XII)

  1. Offering Help or Thing
  2. Expressing Surprise & Disbelief
  3. Getting & Showing Attention

D. Other Expressions

  1. Asking for Help
  2. Expressing Fear & Anxiety
  3. Expressing Like & Dislike
  4. Expressing Pain & Relief
  5. Expressing Pleasure & Displeasure
  6. Expressing Possibility & Impossibility
  7. Expressing Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction
  8. Expressing Gratitude/ Thanking
  9. Inviting, Accepting & Declining Invitation
  10. Making, Accepting & Declining Appointment



One response to “English Expressions


    February 28, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    Fungsional skill ini yang masih sulit diterapkan sometimes oleh saya sebagai pengajar. Menggunakan bahasa formal, kadang anak – anak belum tentu paham. Menggunakan bahasa abg, kok rasanya saya jengah.. practise.. practise and practise aja deh ya… 😀


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