Part of Speech

26 Dec

Before you can construct a sentence, you have to know the part of speech. What are they? Let’s see the part of speech categories below:

1. Verb
it refers to some actions or activities and it links the subject to a complement. In the sentence, verb usually has a function to be the predicate.

Examples: sing, play, watch, eat, have, take, am, are, go, visit, etc.

2. Adverb
It modifies a verb or an adjective. Many adverbs have the suffix -ly.

Examples: slowly, absolutely, neatly, carefully, etc

Example in some sentences:

– He drives slowly.

– You have to open it carefully.

3. Noun
it names an object or action. There are two kinds of nouns. They are Common nouns which refer to ordinary things and proper nouns which are usually capitalized and refer to persons, specific things or specific places.


Common Noun : Animal, Plant, Ocean, Forest, etc.

Proper noun: Azys, Joko, Atlantic Ocean, Bali Island, etc

4. Adjective
it has a function to modify a noun.

Examples: black, large, big, red, comfortable, etc.

Example in some sentences:

– I have a black bag.

– This is a clean room

– My comfortable house is close the mountain.

5. Article
it is usually used in front of noun. There are definite and indefinite article. The definite article is ‘the’ which indicate the specific things. While, the indefinite article is a / an. Article ‘a’ is used for the nouns which begin from the consonant vowels, for example: A book, A bag, A flower. Article ‘an’ is used with the nouns which begin from vocal vowels, for example: An egg, An Apple, An Airplane, etc.

6. Conjunction
it is the connector of words or group of words. Example: and, or, but, so, after, etc.

7. Preposition
it indicates the relationship of objects.

Examples: in, under, on, etc.

8. Pronoun
it can be used to substitute a noun.

Examples: he, this, she, it, etc.

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