Congratulation is an expression that we use the give the congratulation utterance when he/she succeeds in doing something

Expressing Congratulation:
  • Congratulation
  • Congratulations
  • Congratulations on your succeeds
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy New Year
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Let me congratulate you
  • Good
  • That’s great!
  • ow fortunate
  • Pretty Good


Replying Congratulations
  • Thank You
  • Thank, I needed that
  • That’s very kind of you

Dialog Examples:

Dialogue 1 :

Roy : Who won the football match yesterday?

Tom : Our team did. We won three to one

Roy : Congratulation. I’m glad to hear it

Tom : Thank you


Dialoge 2:

Betty     : Happy birthday, Marry. Many happy return of the day

Marry   : Thank you, Betty. You are the first me who congratulates me

Betty     : Oh realy? Here is a little present for you. I hope you like it.

Marry   : Thank you very much. You are realy my best friend.


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